When they work as intended, gutters can carry rainwater and melted snow away from your house and prevent damage to the siding, foundation, and the yard. If they aren’t installed correctly and properly maintained, though, gutters can’t do their job and may become damaged. Here are some tips to avoid gutter problems.

Have Gutters Installed by Professionals

Gutters need to be positioned, attached, and angled correctly to do their job. Hangers and other hardware need to be positioned so they can support the weight of the gutters and prevent sagging. Gutters must be angled so water will drain and not pool inside and then overflow. Downspouts have to extend far enough to carry water away from the house so it won’t run back toward it and damage the foundation or flood the basement. If you’re not an experienced contractor, hire professionals to install gutters so you don’t get stuck with costly repair bills.

Clean Gutters Regularly

Gutters can become clogged with leaves, twigs, pine needles, acorns, and other debris from nearby trees, which can make it difficult or impossible for water to drain. In addition, insects, birds, and small mammals such as squirrels often live inside gutters and contribute to blockages. All those factors can cause the gutters to clog, sag, and possibly fall down from the weight. Water can also overflow and damage the roof, siding, foundation, and yard.

Gutters generally need to be cleaned twice a year. Debris must be pulled from the gutters, and the downspouts must be flushed with water. If you don’t feel comfortable climbing on a ladder and cleaning the gutters yourself, hire a contractor.

Gutter covers can reduce the need for cleaning. They can be installed over the gutters to keep debris out but still allow water to pass through small holes.

Check Gutters for Damage

Gutters can become damaged by severe weather. For example, a storm can cause a tree branch to fall on the house, which can create tears or holes in the gutters and possibly even knock a section of the gutters right off the house. If the damage isn’t obvious, you may overlook it, then find that your gutters aren’t working properly and not know why. Regularly check the gutters for signs of damage or schedule routine inspections by a professional.

Make an Appointment for Gutter Installation or Cleaning

JS and R Roofing can install seamless gutters and downspouts at your Connecticut home or business, as well as gutter covers that can prevent clogs and reduce the need for routine maintenance. In addition, we offer cleaning services to keep your gutters free of blockages and working as they should. Contact us today to get a quote or to schedule an appointment for gutter installation or cleaning.