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Residential Roofing Services

Ask any homeowner and they’ll likely tell that the roof on their home is one of the most important elements that keep their dwelling safe and comfortable. Having a good roof over your head isn’t just a statement about the comforts of home, it also literally means a new, sturdy roof is important. A quality roof will keep your home warm, leave critters outdoors, and allows for a safe place for you and your family to live.

When you have a quality roof on your home it can last many years. Depending on when your home was built, or the last time it had the roof replaced, you might be due for one soon. The only way to tell if you don’t have a leak or other problem is with a roof inspection.

If you’re a homeowner in Niantic, Connecticut looking for roof repair or replacement services, JS and R Roofing is a top choice in Hartford County. We know there are a number of older and historic homes in the area and some of the first colonial-style homes still standing. We can suggest a roof that fits your property best.

Commercial Roofing Services

We also know that businesses thrive on the ability to have customers visit their physical locations. Keeping your building up to code and ensuring those who visit are comfortable enough to stay and safe at all times – is a must.

JS and R Roofing provides quality roofing services for businesses big and small in Niantic.

We’ll Help You Determine If You Need a New Roof

Our professional team of contractors will come out to your business location and get up on the roof for an accurate and fair assessment and quote. We believe in being open and transparent. If you need a whole roof replacement or just a repair, we will help you get your roof fixed so your business doesn’t miss an opportunity for a sale.

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The job was done well, speedy, and the estimate was spot-on and reasonable. The chimley led was is done very well and clean looking. In my case, I think a wider drip edge would have been better but the water and ice is on so I'm not too worried. Excellent service and professional installation 😁
Hello google. I have had roofing done by Jared and his crew at JS&R Roofing. The first roof was on a house 1800sq. Ft with a breezeway and a 2car garage with a bump out addition. Here is how it went. I showed up to the house at 8:00am. The crew had tarped and stripped almost half of the roof to my suprise. Jared came around 9:00 to bring materials the crew needed and to see if there were any underlying issues with the roof such as needing plywood etc. around 12:30 the banging stopped (anyone wo has had a roof done in their neighborhood knows what I mean) so I went outside to see everyone stopping for lunch...I looked up and you could see a clean plywood roof with the Waterproof membrane Just like in the pictures of the roofs on the shingle company’s website. Later in the day I came out to see one of the roofers sitting in front of the chimney flashing it and when He was done it was beautiful, and clean cut. way better than the previous person who flashed it years ago. At the end of the day just around dusk the roof was complete. The crew was finished cleaning up and packing their work van. I thanked them for all of their help and mentioned what a great job they did. Day 2 I noticed the shed roof wasn’t done as per our agreement so it would match the house. I mentioned this while talking to Jared and he said he would take care of it but they were busy and it might take a little bit to get it done. So I took him at his word! A week later I started thinking it may not happen... and a few days later Jared called me and apologized for the delay and stated again that they were very busy and asked if one of his guys cold come Sunday morning (Easter Morning) to do the shed. I said absolutely! Easter Morning 8:00am Jared’s crew member came. He parked at the end of the driveway off to the side as not to block the driveway and came walking around back of the house with a hammer and a small ladder. I came on to the deck to greet him and it was the crew leader whom I met while the main roof was getting done (sorry I am bad with names!). He waved me back into the house implying he didn’t want to bother anyone on the holiday morning. I watched a for a few minutes as he hand nailed the shingles as not to make very much noise and was done and gone before I even noticed. Job complete. It is now 1 year later and I have had no issues with the roof at all...none! It still looks the way it did when they initially installed it. I have been in the High end residential construction / remodeling field for 20 years and have seen roofers as well as other contractors come and go. Most everyone is promising quality but it is rare to see it. Jared and his crew were 100% professional and reliable. They did what they said they were going to more and no less. They did not cut corners or cut quality at all! I would recommend them to anyone looking to get a roof done. 2 weeks ago they finished my mother’s house and last week they finished My best friends parents house. They also did a house for a friend End of last summer! No complaints at all. I see all of these roofs first hand on a regular basis and have also personally worked on all of these houses. If Jared can keep My Mother happy he can keep anyone happy!😂. She is the toughest customer I have ever met! Thank You!
This review is overdue, but with the recent storms I wanted to share how well our new roof and skylights have held up! No damage at all. The Skylights and surrounding areas are nice and dry. They were leaking before we had it all redone by JS and R and it was always awful when it rained. The new roof and skylights were all done in 1 day, cleanup and all. Jarod was easy to work with and very responsive. He was great at explaining the process and products. Price was beyond fair. Would highly recommend.
We had a great experience with JS & R Roofing. The job was done on time and perfectly as expected. Very clean and organized. Would recommend 100% to anyone that needs a new roof.

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