Spring is here and if you’re doing any kind of clean-up around your yard you may notice that your gutters have leaves and debris in them again. Depending on where you live and how many trees surround your property it’s not uncommon for New England homeowner’s to be faced with the need to clean their gutters out constantly to ensure they are functioning properly.

If you’re planning to have your gutters cleaned out and want to be sure that you’re doing it at the right time of year – here are some things to consider.

How Many Trees Do You Have?

As we mentioned earlier, the number of trees surrounding your property will play a big role in just how frequently you may need to clean your gutters. If you only have a few distant trees around the perimeter of the home chances are they will most all fall to the ground and can be cleaned up at the end of the fall season. At this time, you may want to check your gutters too, and ensure they haven’t been filled before winter weather. But if you live in a particularly wooded area and you generally have to clean your yard of leaves multiple times throughout the fall season, then you may have to clean your gutters in the spring and also the fall. The last thing you want to do is chance moisture running your roof or getting in your home.

How Many Leaves Are in the Gutters?

Even if you did have the gutters cleaned before the winter season and you’re now moving into spring and summer, you want to just double-check that more leaves didn’t fall since that cleaning or that there isn’t other debris sitting in there. Over the summer months, these can cause heavy rainfalls to damage your roof or even lead to vegetation growing from your gutters.