At the start of a New Year, you’re most likely thinking about ways to expand your business and bring in new customers. You’re probably not thinking about replacing the roof on your commercial building, but maybe you should be.

A Damaged Roof Could Cause You to Lose Business

For your company to thrive, you must be open and be able to carry on as usual. If your roof started leaking, you might be forced to bring your operations to a halt. If customers frequently visit your business, a leaky roof could create a safety hazard. It could damage your merchandise, computers, registers, and other equipment. If you operate a business that stores materials and equipment that you use to complete jobs elsewhere, water damage could destroy those materials and damage your equipment. That could set you back months and cause you to lose customers.

How a New Roof Could Help Your Business

A worn-out roof can detract from the appearance of your company and create a negative first impression. A new roof could make your business appear modern, and it wouldn’t have to cost a fortune. Some relatively inexpensive roofing materials can mimic the appearance of more expensive materials.

A new roof could make your building more energy-efficient. That means you could enjoy lower heating bills in the winter and lower air conditioning bills in the summer and have the extra money in your budget to spend on other priorities.

Replacing the roof could increase your business’s value. If you decided to relocate to a larger or better-equipped facility, a new roof would make it easier to sell your current building and help you get a higher price.

New roofs come with warranties on the materials that often last for decades. Knowing that you had a new roof covered by a long-term warranty could give you peace of mind since you wouldn’t have to worry about a large and unexpected bill.

Is It Time to Replace Your Roof?

Connecticut is known for its varied and often unpredictable weather. Rain, snow, hail, and strong winds are common at various times of the year. If your roof has damaged or missing shingles, it’s only a matter of time before it starts leaking. You might not realize that your roof is damaged until it’s too late unless you get it inspected.

JS and R Roofing can examine the roof at your Connecticut business. If it needs to be replaced, our team of experienced commercial roofers can install a new, energy-efficient roof. Contact us today to schedule an inspection.