Asphalt roofing is popular because of its durability, performance, and relatively low cost, but it can become damaged by exposure to the elements or by improper installation. One common problem is that shingles begin lifting, which can lead to roof leaks. There are several reasons why this can happen.

Installation Issues

Shingles may have been damaged before they were installed or during the installation process. If a worker didn’t discard damaged shingles and instead installed them, they will be susceptible to more damage in the future.

Shingles that aren’t tightly secured can also lift up. Sometimes roofers don’t use enough nails, don’t place them correctly, or don’t drive nails in all the way. Shingles can then be damaged by strong winds, which can result in roof leaks.

Strong winds can lift shingles and may even tear them off completely. Wind can also drive debris under shingles once they have lifted up a bit. The debris can make the shingles lift even more.

Sometimes, in order to save money, homeowners choose to have a new roof installed on top of an old, damaged one instead of removing the old roof. The new shingles may not be as secure as they could be, which makes them more likely to be lifted or blown off by the wind.

Other Causes of Lifting Shingles

Hot, moist air rises to the attic. If the attic is well ventilated, the moisture can escape to the outside. If the attic isn’t properly ventilated, moisture can become trapped in the decking, which can cause mold to form and can eventually cause shingles to curl and lift.

Moss is another possible cause of roof problems. If moss begins to grow beneath shingles, it can gradually lift them up.

If someone recently walked across your roof to repair the chimney or to perform some other type of work, the shingles may have been damaged. Shingles may also lift and curl because of age.

Does Your Roof Need to Be Replaced?

Roofing shingles can lift and curl for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the problem can be fixed, but in a case of severe damage, the roof may need to be replaced.

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