Cedar shingles and shakes have been popular in North America for homes for hundreds of years, and for good reason. They offer good dimensional stability and are able to maintain their original dimensions in humid conditions. They also offer minimal shrinkage, high resistance to the elements, good strength and workability and provide insulation. They’re also attractive. One of the cons of cedar siding for your home, however, is that it’s very expensive, and requires regular repainting.

Cedar Impressions are a great option when you want to recreate the look of natural cedar shingle siding without the painting and high expense needed. In fact, the cost savings of Cedar Impressions vinyl siding over wood siding are high: it’s almost half what you would pay for wood.

In addition to a realistic and attractive look, they are also available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so you can use it to customize the look of your home, from classic to rustic or modern and elegant.

Cedar Impressions Continues to Save Money

The cost savings with vinyl siding aren’t only realized in the purchase price, but also in the continued maintenance. One of the major benefits is the elimination of the need to paint the home in the future. It’s pest-resistant, and requires only a quick wash once per year (to remove mildew and dirt) will keep the siding looking new for a long time. This saves from unexpected home costs and ensures you’ll get your money’s worth.

It’s More Durable

Like most vinyl siding, Cedar Impressions is far more durable than wood. Heavy wind, rains, hail, and the extreme sun will not affect the look or integrity of the siding, and warranties on it can last as much as 50 years to a lifetime. It’s also safe in case of fires: the chemistry of vinyl siding makes it much harder to ignite and easier to extinguish.

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