As the facility or building owner of a restaurant, it’s important to maintain compliant premises for the safety of all customers and employees as well as the environment. A restaurant’s roof is one of the most important elements to inspect as failure to maintain the area could lead to unnecessary liabilities and fines. This is especially true for any restaurant that has rooftop kitchen fans or emits grease and oil from those fans. This matter can quickly decay the roof materials and compromise its integrity.

Using special roof materials or catch systems could help some, but the most important step is to perform regular maintenance and to keep the area on the roof clean.

Here are a few ways to tell that it’s time to have your restaurant roof looked at for repair or a replacement.

Leaks Around Vents

Once you notice a leak is happening around the vent, it means a bigger problem is already present. The fumes being released by a restaurant’s exhaust system will deteriorate seam adhesives and cause moisture to seep through. At this point a repair will likely be needed if the damage is too great, you may be looking at the need for a whole new roof.

Oil Gummed Up Around Hood

If you don’t keep up with regular maintenance and cleanings for grease that’s made its way on to the roof, it will eventually get all gummed up. Once this happens you will need to call a professional to remove the gunk and assess the damage. If the roof materials have been compromised it may need to be replaced.

Insect Infestations

Another sure tell sign you have an issue on your roof are insects. They’ll typically start to infest an area where there is lots of grease and oil build-up from the foods being cooked in your restaurant. If they make their way inside, you’ll be dealing with a host of other issues so don’t ignore the signs.

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