House-hunting is a stressful activity usually. You may have lots of balls in the air, juggling mortgages, the sale of an existing home, property taxes, escrow, packing and moving – and more. But before you make an offer on a home, it’s critical that you pinpoint the condition of the home – and especially the roof. If the roof is in poor shape, you may need to replace it immediately, which should be factored into the amount of the offer you make on the home. 

A typical roof has two parts: the sheathing deck (the structural part underneath) and the protective roofing surface that covers it. Before making an offer, be sure to have it inspected for structural integrity (your lender and/or insurance company will likely mandate it). This will help you understand how many years the roof is likely to last. 

Before the trained eyes come in, homebuyers should make a quick assessment of the condition of the roof. 

Here are some important tips for assessing the age and state of repair of a home’s roof. 

Examine it carefully from a distance.

Step back from the home so you can see the entire roof. You’re looking for sagging or uneven slopes that might indicate poor condition. Note whether the roof ridge is level. You can further inspect any uneven areas later from inside the attic. Be sure to walk all the way around the house. What may look fine from the front may not present such a rosy picture from the back and sides. 

Check the shingles. 

Here’s where a pair of binoculars will come in handy. Look for any missing shingles. Also check for small gaps beneath the shingle edges, blisters, and chips. Small, superficial chips are probably nothing to worry about, but they can become bigger problems later and reduce the useful life of the roof. If any chips or tears involve entire shingles, or there are visible gaps beneath individual shingles or curling, it’s a sign that the roof will need to be replaced immediately. Also, note if there is more than one layer of shingles on the roof. Most local building codes prohibit more than two layers.  

Examine the flashing. 

It’s important to examine the condition of the metal flashing that surrounds vents, chimneys, pipes, and sidewalls. This flashing should be free of rust and lay flat with no gaps and visible damage. 

Check the attic. 

Once you’ve completed an exterior examination, check the attic of the home and examine the rafters and the underside of the roof decking. Keep an eye out for any water stains that might indicate leaks. Also examine the ridge beam for any signs of sagging, an indication that it may need to be replaced. 

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