The Internet is full of advice about how homeowners or small business owners can save money by replacing their roofs themselves. While it’s certainly true (in theory) that it can be done, there are some considerations would-be DIYers should think about before they opt to take on the project. For starters, roofing is hard work. There is no hiding from the weather and working on a roof requires a minimum level of fitness that many DIYers don’t possess.

The prep work alone, which may include having to scrape off existing materials, is labor-intensive and cumbersome and may mean it will take a lot longer than you anticipated. Think about it: even an experienced team will take several days to finish the project. How long is it going to take you when there’s a learning curve involved and you’re not able to work on the roof full time? In addition, a professional roofing team will have all the right tools to finish the project, which you may not. Once you factor the costs of those tools in, are you really saving all that much money?

Beyond the cost of materials and hard labor, however, there are more serious considerations when it comes to do-it-yourself roof projects.

You May Not Be Working to Local Building Codes

Do you fully understand the latest building codes in your area with regards to roofing? Code requirements change periodically as building codes are updated. If you’re not current with building codes, your project may need to be ripped and replaced. In addition, incorrectly replacing a roof in violation of building codes could threaten your insurance coverage.

You May Not Be Recognizing Damage

Often, when an old roof comes off, there is wood rot or water damage underneath. If you’re not a professional, you may have trouble recognizing problems areas that should be dealt with before the new roof goes on. Covering untreated trouble spots with a new roof won’t solve the problem, it will just make it more difficult to solve in the future when you spring a leak. Professional roofers have an experienced eye for recognizing the signs of damage and will repair it so your new roof has the best possible foundation.

You May Not Be Using the Right Products

Experienced roofers have a deep wealth of knowledge when it comes to choosing products that fit your unique situation. Roofing contractors often get much better pricing on a wider variety of materials than you have access to at your local home improvement superstore. They’re also skilled in understanding when it’s appropriate to use edging, underlayment, and flashing to help keep the roof watertight for years to come.

To ensure that your roofing project is done right, connect with a professional roofing service. In Connecticut, J.S. & R. LLC Roofing will guarantee that your roof is done right. At J.S. & R Roofing, we are dedicated to providing quality craftsmanship and great customer experiences for every job we take on. We serve both residential and commercial clients in Connecticut and have over 20 years of experience in the industry.

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