If you’re tired of worrying about whether or not your roof is going to leak this winter, it’s time you understood exactly what’s going on up there that you can’t see. After all, there’s more to keeping your roof in great condition than just getting a new one installed. 

Maintenance and keeping the shingles clear of debris and hazards is a critical step. You need to not only ensure there aren’t branches or other matter slamming into the shingles and possibly chipping or cracking them, but also to check that excess moisture isn’t finding its way into places that can turn the great roof into a leaky one. 

The issues can actually get compounded. Not only is moisture sitting atop the roof going to be a problem, but when it’s mixed with heat from the inside of your attic as well you’re going to quickly run into the issue of rot. And this is a surefire way to ruin your very expensive roof. 

We say all of this to make the point that roof ventilation is a step you should never skimp on. If you think about all of the activities you’re doing in your home throughout the day – from hot showers to running the dishwasher and even running a humidifier it’s easy to understand how moisture is making its way up through room vents and into the attic. 

Now instead of thinking about if your gutters are working efficiently, you’re actually getting issues like shingle deterioration and moldy insulation instead. 

In order to properly vent this area you need to have a ridge vent. At the gap in the peak of your roof you should have a soffit vent or individual vents this way the moisture can actually get out instead of being trapped. 

Other options like Gable vents and roof vents can also help create cross breezes so that no type of air is trapped in the attic or other parts of the roof. 

All of the above mentioned steps will certainly help during the warm months with keeping air circulated and conditions dry. However, during the cold winter months in New England, you’re going to need more help to protect your roof. This is where insulation is necessary. 

Insulation helps with melting snow on the roof and preventing dangerous ice dams from forming. 

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