Here in Connecticut, we’re no strangers to severe storms and weather conditions year round. From winter snow squalls to hurricanes and even micro bursts, we’ve seen just how bad natural disasters can be. Some parts of the state that were left completely devastated after a 2018 Tornado struck are still rebuilding today.

Even if you were fortunate enough to not have a giant tree come down in your yard or some other catastrophe occur to your dwelling after mother mature can basahing through, it’s still a good idea to check that your home didn’t sustain any unseen problems during the event. In particular your roof. It takes a grunt of the force when high winds and heavy rains occur. 

Here are a few reasons why you should have your home’s roof inspected after a bad storm. 

…Because You Might Not Realize There’s Any Damage at All 

One of the biggest reasons why you should have your roof inspected after a bad storm is because there is no way of knowing that something is wrong unless you can see it or know the indicators. Visible signs like missing or curled shingles or cracks may not be seen from the ground and a pair of professional eyes could find something that’s covered by insurance before it becomes a costly issue down the line. 

…Because Leaks Can Turn into Bigger Problems Before They’re Detected 

Leaking water into your home is about more than water getting in. When there is moisture being trapped mold and rot begin to occur. Not only can this make you physically ill but it can, over time, even degrade the quality of your dwelling and its ability to keep you safe.

…Because an Inspection is Quick and Painless 

By calling on a professional roof contractor you trust they will go up on the roof for you, survey the roof for any potential issues or damage that was freshly caused by the storm and help give you a fair estimate on repairs or work with your insurance company if it’s something your policy covers. 

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