One of the most critical elements on your home structure is the roof. This is what keeps your dwelling safe and protected from the outside elements. The literal saying “a roof over your head” encompasses its importance well. But ensuring it’s always intact can be dangerous. Especially when you think the only way to check for roof issues is to climb up there.

Here are things you can do without having to climb up on a ladder several feet in the air and still see if there is anything happening up there. 

Start Indoors

Sometimes there’s no need to even go outside to know that something is happening with your roof. By simply looking up for stains on your ceiling or even going into the attic of your home you can see if there is sunlight creeping through meaning there are holes or if there is any soft wood and other water damage present. 

Walk Around the Exterior While Looking Up

On ground level you can do a walk around the exterior of your home while looking up and notice indicators of an issue. Checking for out of place looking shingles that may have come loose or visible cracks and even caulking with gaps can all be signs that there are issues happening somewhere with the roof. 

Look from Afar

Another way to get a good view of the roof without having to climb on top of your house is to check it out from afar. Today gadgets like drones make it easy to get an aerial view of your home. You can easily check out what it looks like simply from the monitor or you can even walk across the street or a grander view. From here you can see the entire room and if the damage is significant enough you will quickly spot it. 

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