Roof damage is sometimes obvious, but often it’s subtle and easy to overlook. That’s why it’s so important to check your roof regularly and to hire a professional to conduct inspections in case you miss something. Here are some signs that your roof may need to be replaced soon.

There Is Visible Damage

Sometimes a quick look at your roof makes it clear that it needs to be replaced. If the roof is sagging in some places, it may have significant moisture damage. Mold or moss can also indicate that your roof has a moisture problem. Shingles that are loose or missing are other telltale signs that your roof needs attention. If the issue is limited to a small area, you may be able to simply make repairs, but widespread damage may indicate that the entire roof has reached the end of its lifespan.

Damage to the flashing can also mean that it’s time to replace the roof. Flashing is used around chimneys, vents, and other areas where there are openings in the roof. Flashing keeps water out of those seams to prevent leaks. If the flashing is cracked or loose, there may be significant water damage that isn’t immediately visible. Roofing contractors may see it when they conduct a more thorough inspection.

You Can See Light in the Attic

If you go up to your attic, look under the eaves, and see light coming in from outside, that means your roof has suffered serious damage. Gaps that let light in can also allow water to enter your house. If you conduct a closer inspection of the attic, you may discover water stains and other signs of leaks.

Check Your Roof for Damage on a Regular Basis

It’s a good idea to take a walk around your house to conduct routine roof inspections from ground level. If you feel comfortable climbing a ladder, that can allow you to get a better view and spot problems that may not be visible from the ground.

Do-it-yourself checks are helpful, but they’re no substitute for inspections conducted by a roofing professional. A contractor who has years of experience repairing and replacing roofs can see signs of damage that a person without that type of specialized knowledge may not notice.

JS and R Roofing has a team of professional roofers who have served customers across Connecticut. We can inspect your roof and look for signs of damage. If we find a problem, we can let you know how serious it is and recommend a solution. If your roof needs to be replaced, we can install a new roof that will protect your home from leaks and other types of damage. Contact us today to schedule an inspection.