Several forms of insulation are commonly used in attics. Each has pros and cons and a different lifespan. It’s important to know which type(s) of insulation you have in your attic and approximately how long it will last. You should also be aware of factors that could damage insulation and force you to replace it sooner than you expected.

Types of Insulation and How Long They Typically Last

If it isn’t damaged, fiberglass insulation may last up to 100 years. Insulation can start falling from fiberglass batts in as little as 15 to 20 years, though. If you have an older house, you should have your insulation inspected to see if it’s still in good condition.

Spray foam insulation is designed to be long-lasting. It resists mold and doesn’t trap moisture. Homeowners often never have to replace spray foam insulation.

Cellulose insulation generally lasts 20 to 30 years, but it can begin to degrade after about 15 years. Cellulose is often used along with other types of insulation. Even if you have another form of insulation that’s in good condition, if your cellulose insulation is starting to go, you may need to replace it.

Mineral wool insulation is often used in combination with another form of insulation. Mineral wool insulation can last for decades, but its lifespan depends on the specific type that was used.

Potential Sources of Damage and Their Effects

If your house’s roof gets damaged by a storm or by regular wear and tear, that can lead to a leak. Water can compromise insulation and lead to mold, which can cause respiratory symptoms in members of your family. Other issues, such as fire, dirt, dust, and animal and insect activity, can make insulation wear out sooner than it should. Also, if you have an old house, the previous owners may have used low-quality insulation, or it may have been installed incorrectly.

If your home has damaged insulation, it can be difficult or impossible to maintain a comfortable temperature in the living areas. Your house may have drafts, and your utility bills may be significantly higher than they used to be.  

Get a Quote for New Insulation

Installing new insulation in your home can take care of those problems. The cost of the project will depend on the type of insulation you choose and the size of your attic.

If you suspect that the insulation in the attic of your Connecticut home is damaged or worn out, contact JS and R Roofing. We can inspect your attic insulation and let you know if it needs to be replaced.