If you need to hire a company to repair or replace the roof on your house, you will be able to easily find several local businesses with a quick Google search, but not all companies are equally qualified or perform work that meets high standards. Google reviews can help you figure out which business is the best qualified to handle your job so you can be confident that you’re making the right decision when you hire a contractor.

Get Honest Feedback from Recent Customers

The most important reason to look at Google reviews is that they are from real customers who have worked with a company that you’re thinking about hiring. You can get feedback from a large number of homeowners and spot trends. 

For example, if a business has received consistently positive comments about the quality of its work, you can be confident that the company will do a good job if you hire it for your roofing project. If, on the other hand, several customers have complained that a particular company cut corners, did a poor job of communicating, left a mess in the yard, or did something else that didn’t meet their expectations, you may decide not to hire that business and avoid facing a similar hassle yourself. 

Learn from Negative Reviews 

It’s important to note that any business will get an occasional negative review from a customer who was disappointed. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t hire the company. 

Sometimes customers have unrealistic expectations, there is a breakdown in communication, a project gets delayed for a reason beyond the contractor’s control, or a worker makes a mistake. Read negative reviews carefully to identify the source of the problem. 

Then keep reading to find out how the company handled it. If the business responded in a respectful and professional way and worked to rectify the problem, that means that it’s committed to providing quality customer service. 

If, however, you find a series of negative reviews that complain about one or more serious problems, that may be cause for concern. If the company didn’t take action to address those issues, or if it posted negative comments attacking customers who complained, that’s not a business you want to hire for your roofing project.

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