If your roof needs to be repaired or replaced, you can search online or ask family members and friends to recommend a roofing company. You may find dozens of businesses that operate in your area, but it can be difficult to figure out which to choose. Before you make a decision related to something as important as your house’s roof, be sure to ask these questions.

Is Your Company Licensed and Insured?

Not all contractors are required to be licensed in Connecticut. A company that isn’t licensed may not have workers with the right training and experience to perform roof work properly. Hiring a company that’s licensed can give you peace of mind.

You should make sure that the roofing contractor you hire has worker’s compensation and liability insurance. If the company doesn’t have coverage, you can be held liable if a worker gets injured while working at your home, and you may be forced to pay for repairs if uninsured roofing contractors cause damage to your house.

Who Will Work on My Roof?

Some roofing companies have their own team of employees who handle all jobs, and some companies work with subcontractors. It’s important to know who will repair or replace your roof. Subcontracting is a common and legal practice, but you need to make sure that any subcontractors who will work on your house are insured in case something goes wrong.

How Will You Keep My Property Reasonably Clean While You’re Working on My Roof?

Fixing or replacing a roof can be a messy process. If contractors have to tear off sections of roofing materials or completely remove the old roof, you can expect that there will be a lot of trash. You don’t want to have it scattered all over your lawn, where it can damage the landscaping; endanger members of your family, neighbors, and pets; and create an eyesore.

A roofing company should bring a dumpster for refuse, and workers should clean up on a regular basis. Be sure to ask about the cleanup policy and get it in writing before you hire a contractor.

How Will You Handle Any Problems That May Arise?

A variety of issues can come up during a roofing project. There may be a disagreement about the type of materials to use or the hours when work should be done. Bad weather may lead to delays. You may have questions or concerns about some other aspect of the process. Make sure you know whom to contact and how to get in touch with that individual.

JS and R Roofing Is a Trusted CT Contractor

For more than 20 years, JS and R Roofing has been providing both residential and commercial roofing services to customers across Connecticut. We can conduct a thorough inspection of your roof to assess its condition, then recommend repairs or replacement and give you an estimate for services. Contact us today to schedule an inspection.