If you think listening to the sound of a drip coming from somewhere you can’t locate in the home is frustrating, just think about the damage and problems it’s causing the longer you wait to get it fixed. 

Now’s not the time to turn up the volume on the TV or think it will just go away. You need professional roof experts to come help you locate the leak and stop damage in its tracks. 

Here are 2 things you should do right away! 

Stop the Collateral Damage 

Even if you don’t know where water might be coming from it still could be wreaking havoc. It may be obvious that if water droplets are kitting furniture or any expensive possessions then you should move right away. Be sure there are also no electrical connections getting wet and putting you at risk for shock. Finally, don’t think that just because it’s in the basement or dripping somewhere in the walls that it’s not a problem. That water is still getting to areas that can decay, grow mold and lead to more issues. 

Call In the Experts

When something as large as your home dwelling is at stake it’s far better to call on experts than attempt to fix the issue on your own. This may include contacting your insurance company to check the damages as well as a professional roofing contractor you can trust. Someone with years of experience who will climb up onto the roof and locate the actual source of the issue. Once discovered they’ll need to use the right materials and have the know-how to get your roof fixed.  

At  JS and R Roofing we don’t just stay ground level, we go into the attic to inspect the interior, get up on the roof to uncover problems and use a drone so the assessment of your property is always accurate.