Heavy rain can cause significant damage to your roof, but the extent of the problem might not be apparent right away. You might not even be aware of damage at all, at least at first. Here are some issues that you may experience after a storm drops heavy rains on your neighborhood.

Signs That Your Roof Is Damaged

If your roof gets damaged in a rainstorm, water can leak through the ceiling. Water may come gushing down and have to be collected in a bucket, or you may only see a trickle. You may not see water falling from the ceiling at all, but you may notice damp spots and water stains on the ceiling and walls.

If your attic isn’t well ventilated, warm and moist air can collect there, condensation can form on pipes, and water can drip through the ceiling. The problem can become worse after a rainstorm.

A storm with strong winds can damage your home’s gutters. It may cause them to shift so they’re not angled properly and can’t divert water away from your house. Strong winds can even cause sections of gutters to fall off the house. If your gutters get damaged in a storm, water can collect on the roof and seep beneath the shingles. Then it can cause ceiling leaks, structural damage, and mold.

Structures on your roof can make your home susceptible to damage after heavy rains. Water can fall into the chimney, or it can seep under the flashing that surrounds the chimney or into gaps in the masonry and cause leaks. If your house has a skylight that isn’t well insulated or that has a gap around the frame, or if the flashing is damaged, water can seep into your house and damage the ceiling and other areas during and after a storm. Pipes and ventilation ducts are also common entry points for water.

Have Your Roof Repaired before the Damage Gets Worse

Roof damage doesn’t always occur all at once. Often, shingles get worn or come loose a little at a time. If your roof has moderate damage but doesn’t leak, and then your area gets hit with heavy rains, you may suddenly find yourself having to deal with a roof leak.

If you notice any of these issues after a rainstorm, it can be a sign that your roof has significant damage. If you don’t have it repaired quickly, things are likely to get much worse.

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