When most homeowners are preparing to have a new roof installed, they may worry about types of shingles, costs, timeline, and choosing the right roofing company. The color of the roofing materials is not usually high on the list. But perhaps it should be.

Why Does the Color of Roofing Shingles Matter?

There are many reasons why the color of your new roof should matter to you. These include:

Aesthetics. Just as you (hopefully) wouldn’t wear an orange hat and a red shirt together, you don’t want to choose a color that’s going to clash with your home. If your home is a warm color, for example, you will want to balance this with a warm color on the roof, or at least choose a neutral tone. Likewise, if the home is a cool color, cooler roof tones will help balance the look. Your roof will likely last for 20 years, which is a long time to look at a mismatch! In addition, you may choose to sell the home during this time, so the look of the roof will play a large part in “curb appeal,” or the attractiveness of a home to a visitor and/or potential buyer.

To mimic more traditional materials. Nowadays, roofing shingles are constructed from high-tech materials and processes that make them reliable, durable, and affordable. That doesn’t mean that we can’t admire the roofing materials of yesteryear, particularly in older homes. Many homeowners choose dark grey or black roof shingles in varying shades to mimic the look of natural slate tiles, for example, or reddish shingles to create the look of adobe.

Tree overhang. Trees provide us with shade and landscaping, but they can be hard on a roof. If your home is primarily in the shade during the warmer, more humid months, and fallen leaves build-up on the house in the fall, your roof may be more prone to vegetation stains, in which case you may wish to choose a darker roof shingle color that won’t show stains as clearly.

Thermal considerations. What type of climate do you live in? Warm, cold, or temperate? Are there large variances between summer temperatures and winter temperatures? In general, a home in a hotter climate would benefit from a lighter-colored shingle. Shingles in lighter colors will reflect sunlight, while darker shingles pull in the sun’s heat. In a colder region, the reverse is true: darker shingles will help retain heat in the home and help melt snow and ice off of the roof faster in the wintertime.

Consult a Trustworthy Professional

Your roofing contractor can help you choose the right roofing solution for your home, including color. In Connecticut, J.S. & R. LLC Roofing will guarantee that your roof is properly ventilated. At J.S. & R Roofing, we are dedicated to providing quality craftsmanship and great customer experiences for every job we take on. We serve both residential and commercial clients in Connecticut and have over 20 years of experience in the industry.

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