Few things are more terrifying to see in your home than signs of black mold. It’s because this is one of the most toxic and can even cause health issues for people living in your home. Look out for signs of grey, yellow, brown, or even black circle areas on your ceiling where mold is growing.

Aside from the above visible signs, there are also some obvious health side effects that can trigger you to realize you have mold in your home: sudden asthma attacks, sore throat, headaches, hives, and other problems as they could indicate the presence of mold.

Are those black spots on the ceiling you notice just that or something else? Or could it be a sign that your roof has a leak? First, yes – one of the main culprits of ceiling mold is a leaky roof. So you’ll want to have a professional roofing company come out to inspect the issue and provide recommendations on how to fix your home’s roof.

Even if you’ve already fixed your roof – there still good be trapped moisture and pre-existing mold problems that will need to be remedied. You can choose a DIY route if you feel confident that you can remove it safely, or call in professionals. This involves scraping it off of the surface and using a fungicide. Beware that disturbing mold releases its spores into the air so you want to be sure to use gloves a mask and cover yourself to prevent contamination.

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