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If you’ve just endured a howling Connecticut storm, or recently purchased an older, distinguished home, then you’re probably wondering if you should replace your roof. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Today, we’re going to lay out 4 key signs you should look for before you call a roofer.

4. You See Dark Streaks & Spots On The Ceiling

Dark streaks or spots are an indication of possible water damage. Water damage should never be ignored. Water can accelerate the rotting or decaying process, which will only make matters worse. If you see streaks, leaks, or spots, then you should have a professional contractor inspect your roof.

3. You Smell Mold In Your Attic

Everyone knows that mold is bad news, but not all people know just how bad it can be to your roof. The short answer is very bad. Mold is a true danger to your roof’s integrity. If you let mold fester for too long, it will weaken your roof’s formidability, causing serious problems in a short amount of time.

2. Your Shingles Are Cracking, Curling Or Missing

If you notice that your shingle tabs are no longer intact, then you’ve identified a red flag. Why is this an issue? Think about it: you have a shingle roof, and you’ve just realized that the shingles are either missing or not in proper shape. If these worn or missing shingles are prevalent across the whole roof, then you should consider a new roof.  

1. You Can See Sunlight Through Your Roof Boards

If you see streams of light poking through cracks in your roof, then you should replace it immediately. Why? Well, if light is getting through, then water can get through too. 

Answered “Yes, That’s Happening” To These Signs? Call JS & R Roofing Today

JS & R Roofing repairs and replaces residential and commercial roofs throughout Connecticut. We understand how hard it can be to diagnose something that you don’t work on everyday. Fortunately for you, we do work on roofs everyday. Like doctors, our experienced roofers can quickly identify whether you need a brand new roof or not. Don’t wait for potential issues to get worse–call us for a free estimate today!