Getting a new roof on your home is a large investment. Thankfully the lifespan of a roof is quite long, so chances are if you’re looking for a replacement you’ve had the same roof protecting your home for several decades already. If there is damage or premature wear that has occurred and caused issues, you may even find that a total replacement isnt needed- saving you on the costs. 

Either way, it’s important to get a professional opinion from a roofer that has years of experience and understands the proper materials and techniques for the roof your home needs. Part of this process involves getting quotes from a few different contractors and talking with them to get a feel for what’s actually going on up there and how much it’s all going to cost to get fixed the right way. 

Here are 3 things you’ll want to be sure to ask as you get a new roof quote for your home. 

Are You Bonded & Insured? 

You should understand the codes and requirements in your state before you begin looking for a roofer. It’s always safest to go with a credible contractor who follows all permit requirements and is fully bonded and insured in case a problem arises. Since they’ll be climbing high above your home and scaling your roof you need to know they are protected by liability and workman’s comp insurance and that your property is in good hands. 

Will a Full Replacement Be Needed?

One of the biggest differences in a roof quote will be based on whether or not your roof must be completely removed and replaced or if an additional layer of shingles will be placed on top of the current ones. In addition to more intensive labor and supplies, this should also be carefully considered if you’re already having problems with your roof.  To make the right call on this, the roofer should be doing a full inspection of the roof, not just a quick visual look over. They need to find any potential areas of rotted wood or leaks and if they are present, it should be a total replacement job. 

Who Will Be on the Jobsite Completing the Work?

Since most roofers will work with a team to help get the jobs completed it’s important to know that the experienced professionals will be on the job ensuring everything is done accurately and according to code. Ask during your consultation who will be at the jobsite when they get started. Will it be the actual owner you’re speaking too? A project manager or just the workers? You should always ensure that a professional is on site at all times overseeing the work. 

JS & R Roofing serves both residential and commercial clients in Connecticut and has over 20 years of experience in the industry. Our team performs thorough inspections of all elements to ensure nothing is missed. We don’t just stay ground level, we go into the attic to inspect the interior, get up on the roof to uncover problems and use a drone so the assessment of your property is always accurate.