Unless you work on roofs often, how do you know if your roof is in good shape? This is one of the questions that many homeowners struggle with. We all want our roofs to be strong and resilient, yet sometimes, what we want doesn’t always match up with reality. If you live in an older house, then it may be time for a new roof. Before you make this determination, though, you should familiarize yourself with some telltale signs of a bad roof. Here’s 3 to look out for.

Sagging Rooflines

Rooflines should be as straight as an arrow. If you see dips or curves, then there’s probably an issue with the framing or decking of the roof. 

Missing or Sagging Shingles

If there are a lot of missing and/or damaged shingles, then you should really consider replacing your roof. Even if your roof is new, it is possible to install shingles improperly. Poor workmanship can be costly; if you do notice damaged or missing shingles on your new roof, then be sure to consult your original roofing contractor: ask him why you are seeing these issues. If he doesn’t immediately offer to fix the problem, then it may be best to look for a more reliable roofer.

Different Roofing Materials Or Discolored Shingles

Your roof should be composed of a singular material across the board. While this is best practice, sometimes roofers who run out of materials will use something else. This is simply an indication of inexperience: an experienced roofer will always order the right amount of material. If they happen to run out, then they won’t skimp on quality just to get the job done faster. In addition, watch out for discolored shingles. Your roof should wear evenly over time. If you see discolored shingles, then this is another red flag: this, too, means that the contractor ran out of the primary material. 

Still Not Sure if Your Roof Should be Replaced? We’ll Help!

JS&R Roofing will do a thorough inspection of your existing roof. At the end of our audit, we’ll tell you if your roof is repairable. If it’s not, we’ll explain what a new roof costs, and what it entails. If you want a roofer who never skimps on quality, then we’re the roofers for you.