Roof problems can occur in any season, but there are some issues that are more common in the summer. If you notice any of these problems, get in touch with a local roofing contractor and have repairs made before the situation gets worse.

Damage from the Sun

The sun can affect your roof in several ways. Prolonged exposure to intense sunlight can make roofing shingles wear out faster than usual and cause the roof deck to deteriorate. The sun can also melt the adhesive that holds shingles in place. If any of those problems occurs, the roof may not be able to provide your home with an adequate level of protection from the elements.

Problems Associated with Moisture and Humidity

If roofing components are damaged by sunlight, wind, animals, fallen tree branches, or another cause, that can make the roof susceptible to further damage. When it rains, water can seep into spaces and cause problems beneath the surface. That type of damage may not be readily apparent.

Humid summer weather can also take a toll on your roof. Moisture from the air can condense, get into spaces on the roof, and cause damage to lower layers. That can lead to leaks that may also harm your home’s interior structure, furnishings, and other belongings.

Damage Caused by Summer Storms

During the summer in Connecticut, storms can crop up unexpectedly. Heavy downpours and strong winds can damage a roof. Rain can get into any gaps that already exist, and wind can loosen or blow off shingles or send tree branches and other objects flying onto a roof. This is why it’s important to check your roof or have a contractor conduct an inspection as soon as possible after a storm, even if you don’t see any damage from ground level.

Schedule a Roof Inspection

Homeowners sometimes think that their roofs are in the greatest danger in the winter, but damage can happen at any time of the year. The summer months bring their own set of challenges.

If you’re concerned about possible roof damage, or if your roof is due for an inspection, contact JS and R Roofing. We are a family-owned business and have been serving homeowners and businesses across Connecticut for more than 20 years.

We can inspect your roof for signs of damage caused by sunlight, moisture, or a summer storm. If we note a problem, we can tell you if we can fix it or if the roof needs to be replaced and provide you with a written estimate. Contact us today to make an appointment to have your roof inspected.